Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Little Dishwasher

Last night Jack decided that he wanted to help Daddy load the dishwasher. These days he wants to help you do everything:) He had a blast and it was definitely the highlight of his day and better than any of the 100 toys that he has in his toy basket.
Poor Bella wants attention. She gets really jealous by the end of the day!
Jack took a second to pose for the camera. He is such a Ham.
He was trying to unload as Daddy loaded.

I hope that everyone is having a great week and can't wait to see my wonderful friends at home over Memorial Day!!!



monique said...

jack is such a cutie!!!!! I'm SO excited that you will be in town for Memorial Day---we are planning for dinner/drinks on Thursday night (may 22), can you make it??? love ya, MO

Tracy said...

Yeay! More pictures! Pics of little Jack always make my day better!

The Crowders said...

Tell Jack to come to my house. I would love the help! I love that boy.
Lunch on Saturday??? Wait...never mind...I think you will be at the golf tournament...I miss you!

Nanny said...

I love my Jack. The pics are great.