Friday, October 29, 2010

Why Daddy Works...

This morning Jack woke up, really early, and was so excited that Daddy was still home. He ran to the bathroom where Brandon was getting ready and this is the conversation that they had...

Jack: "Daddy, it's not a work day?"
Brandon: "Yeah, Buddy it is , but tomorrow isn't a work day."
Jack: "Daddy, you go to work to pay for this house?"

Brandon came and told me about the conversation. I didn't really believe him, I guess, so I asked Jack, "Why does Daddy go to work?", He said,"Mommy, he has to pay for this house. It costs alot of money."

We laughed so hard... I mean, where do they get this stuff.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Pumpkin Express

We decided this year to do the Pumpkin Express with Jack instead of driving out to the pumpkin patch that we have been going too. You ride a real train to a pumpkin patch and then get to play, pick out a pumpkin and ride the train back. We went with our good friends The Edmistons and their Sons, Jack a.k.a. Friend Jack and Baby Lyle.
This is the boys patiently waiting on the train to was a little delayed.

The train conductor came and sat with the boys for a little while. When they would get restless we would joke with them saying that the train conductor would come and get onto them if they didn't calm down. Paul got the train conductor to come and sit with them and they weren't sure what to think. You can see Friend Jack was a little nervous and Jack wanted to test him(what's new).
Once we got to the pumpkin patch they had alot of fun stuff for the boys to do. They had a blast in the corn maze, the bouncie, and they hayride.

Family Pic

My Boys

The boys being silly

Jack and Brandon picking out a pumpkin. Jack wanted the smallest one they had and it took forever for him to decide which one was the smallest.

Jack boarding the train to head back to the station. We can't wait for The Polar Express in December.

Flat Stanley Visits Birmingham

Our Cousin Gordie, who is in second grade sent Flat Stanley to visit us and learn about Birmingham a few weeks ago. For those of you not familiar with Flat Stanley, it is a book about a little boy that is flattened by a bulletin board. He travels the country in an envelope to learn about different parts of the world. He had the pleasure of visiting us and we had a blast with it. Brandon actually did most of it....He took Jack and Flat Stanley to Birmingham Landmarks and then we wrote a letter to Gordie telling him about Flat Stanley's adventures.
This is Flat Stanley at Sunday School...
The Zoo....

Botanical Gardens...

The Vulcan...These are just a few of the places that he visited. He even got to see Jack's school and the pumpkin patch.

Soccer Star

Last month Jack started Fall soccer and has loved it. I was a little hesitant as to how well he would do with others, since we don't like to share anything these days, but I was so happy when he got out there and did what he was supposed to do.
They are too young to have week night practices so we have a 30 minute practice before the game and then they play another team for 30 minutes. It is great. The first week Jack was the only one that played the entire time. Most of the other players had trouble sharing the ball and got upset and sat out. Not bragging on my child, I was just very surprised that Jack didn't do that, so I am very proud.
Little action shot
We miss out nap every Sunday because of the game so this is what happens before we even get out of the parking lot from the game.
Brandon is so proud of how well he is doing. He thought the same as me:)
He is pretty proud say the least. Sometimes I wish he were a little shy. Next weekend is the last weekend until spring. It has been alot of fun.