Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Pumpkin Express

We decided this year to do the Pumpkin Express with Jack instead of driving out to the pumpkin patch that we have been going too. You ride a real train to a pumpkin patch and then get to play, pick out a pumpkin and ride the train back. We went with our good friends The Edmistons and their Sons, Jack a.k.a. Friend Jack and Baby Lyle.
This is the boys patiently waiting on the train to arrive...it was a little delayed.

The train conductor came and sat with the boys for a little while. When they would get restless we would joke with them saying that the train conductor would come and get onto them if they didn't calm down. Paul got the train conductor to come and sit with them and they weren't sure what to think. You can see Friend Jack was a little nervous and Jack wanted to test him(what's new).
Once we got to the pumpkin patch they had alot of fun stuff for the boys to do. They had a blast in the corn maze, the bouncie, and they hayride.

Family Pic

My Boys

The boys being silly

Jack and Brandon picking out a pumpkin. Jack wanted the smallest one they had and it took forever for him to decide which one was the smallest.

Jack boarding the train to head back to the station. We can't wait for The Polar Express in December.

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