Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Deck The Halls...

On Sunday we got our entire outside decorated and most of the inside except for the ornaments on the tree. Monday night MiMi came over to have white chicken chilli and help decorate the tree. We were nervous about Jack but he actually did a pretty good job. He wanted to help so bad so I let him put a wooden ornament on the tree. He got it on and was so proud. He said "yea" and clapped for himself. I was pretty imressed. Well, that taught him that he could play with the ornaments I guess because he hasn't stopped trying to pull them off since then.

You can see the stocking hanging from the mantel behind me. Brandon and I disagreed about this but I had to have them up. Brandon is very worried that Jack is going to get curious, as he does quite often these days, and pull on them bringing the stocking and the iron hanger down on top of him. I am watching him very carefully and so far he has not fooled with them.
These ornaments look cute but Jack thinks they are balls and should be thrown. They have been there 2 days and are now on top of my armoire. Ornaments are slowy moving higher and higher up the tree. By the time Christmas gets here all of the ornaments are going to be on top of the tree.
We are having such a great time with Jack teaching him about Christmas and Santa. He still thinks that Santa says "roof roof" like a dog, but we are working everyday to teach him that he says "Ho Ho Ho".
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season!!

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Tracy said...

Where'd his fro go? You know I'm just picking. He is adorable as always. I can't wait to see ya'll in a few weeks!