Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jack Turns 2

It is so hard to believe that Jack is 2. It seems like just yesterday we were getting settled after bringing him home from the hospital. It has been the best 2 years of our lives!

Since we had a big celebration last year we did a small get together at our house this year. It was really nice and very low key. My Dad, Kim, Maw Maw, Paw Paw, and cousin Gordie were able to come in for the party to celebrate with Jack.

This year was alot of fun because he knew what was going on and was really into everything. He played in the bouncie for a while and as soon as he finished eating he came in and said "momma eat cake, Jack cake". Poor thing, we had to hold him off for a little while because everyone was still eating but the time finally came. As soon as he had some cake he said "momma Jack presents, open presents". That was fun. I'm sure it was like Christmas to him.

Thursday was his real birthday along with Sena's so we had a birthday celebration that night. My Mom and Doug were able to come in for that and we had a great time. Poor Sena didn't get much attention because Jack was not excited about sharing his birthday with her. We made up for that at the lake this past weekend though.
He got some great gifts, like this picnic table, membership to the zoo, guitar, t-ball, pajamas, work bench, train table, lawn mower, blower, etc.

After almost a full week of celebrating he still doesn't understand why there isn't a present waiting for him every day when he wakes and up and before he goes to bed.

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