Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Beach Trip

We spent the last week on our wonderful family beach trip to Destin that has become a yearly thing since Jack was born. It is the trip we look forward to each year. This was the first year that Jack really enjoyed it. He played on the beach for hours,which was great since I love to be on the beach. The beaches were more gorgeous than I have ever seen them and there were no signs of oil. I hope it stays that way.

This picture is my favorite of the whole trip. They are having a little Father/Son chat.

Brandon and Jack had a blast playing on the beach.
Friday was Jack's "official" Birthday, so we went to Big Daddy's Arcade witht The Martins, The McPhillips, and Gigi and Cookie to celebrate. It was a great place that just opened by the owners of Fudpuckers and The Track and has arcade games, pizza, and ice cream. The kids had a blast.

Jack and Cookie had a great time shooting deer. Brandon was really proud of this picture.

Jack loved riding this motorcycle. He barely fit, but he made it work. The arcade was right next door to Fudpuckers so we walked over after to look at the alligators and Jack, Brandon, and I actually took a picture with a small alligator. Jack thought it was so cool. They took the picture so we weren't able to take one of our own.

My little handsome 3 year old. I can't believe how time has flown.
We had a great trip, but were ready to get back home. Jack was ready to get back to his "jeep" of course.

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