Friday, October 29, 2010

Why Daddy Works...

This morning Jack woke up, really early, and was so excited that Daddy was still home. He ran to the bathroom where Brandon was getting ready and this is the conversation that they had...

Jack: "Daddy, it's not a work day?"
Brandon: "Yeah, Buddy it is , but tomorrow isn't a work day."
Jack: "Daddy, you go to work to pay for this house?"

Brandon came and told me about the conversation. I didn't really believe him, I guess, so I asked Jack, "Why does Daddy go to work?", He said,"Mommy, he has to pay for this house. It costs alot of money."

We laughed so hard... I mean, where do they get this stuff.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Pumpkin Express

We decided this year to do the Pumpkin Express with Jack instead of driving out to the pumpkin patch that we have been going too. You ride a real train to a pumpkin patch and then get to play, pick out a pumpkin and ride the train back. We went with our good friends The Edmistons and their Sons, Jack a.k.a. Friend Jack and Baby Lyle.
This is the boys patiently waiting on the train to was a little delayed.

The train conductor came and sat with the boys for a little while. When they would get restless we would joke with them saying that the train conductor would come and get onto them if they didn't calm down. Paul got the train conductor to come and sit with them and they weren't sure what to think. You can see Friend Jack was a little nervous and Jack wanted to test him(what's new).
Once we got to the pumpkin patch they had alot of fun stuff for the boys to do. They had a blast in the corn maze, the bouncie, and they hayride.

Family Pic

My Boys

The boys being silly

Jack and Brandon picking out a pumpkin. Jack wanted the smallest one they had and it took forever for him to decide which one was the smallest.

Jack boarding the train to head back to the station. We can't wait for The Polar Express in December.

Flat Stanley Visits Birmingham

Our Cousin Gordie, who is in second grade sent Flat Stanley to visit us and learn about Birmingham a few weeks ago. For those of you not familiar with Flat Stanley, it is a book about a little boy that is flattened by a bulletin board. He travels the country in an envelope to learn about different parts of the world. He had the pleasure of visiting us and we had a blast with it. Brandon actually did most of it....He took Jack and Flat Stanley to Birmingham Landmarks and then we wrote a letter to Gordie telling him about Flat Stanley's adventures.
This is Flat Stanley at Sunday School...
The Zoo....

Botanical Gardens...

The Vulcan...These are just a few of the places that he visited. He even got to see Jack's school and the pumpkin patch.

Soccer Star

Last month Jack started Fall soccer and has loved it. I was a little hesitant as to how well he would do with others, since we don't like to share anything these days, but I was so happy when he got out there and did what he was supposed to do.
They are too young to have week night practices so we have a 30 minute practice before the game and then they play another team for 30 minutes. It is great. The first week Jack was the only one that played the entire time. Most of the other players had trouble sharing the ball and got upset and sat out. Not bragging on my child, I was just very surprised that Jack didn't do that, so I am very proud.
Little action shot
We miss out nap every Sunday because of the game so this is what happens before we even get out of the parking lot from the game.
Brandon is so proud of how well he is doing. He thought the same as me:)
He is pretty proud say the least. Sometimes I wish he were a little shy. Next weekend is the last weekend until spring. It has been alot of fun.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Day of Preschool..Young 3's

Jack started his first day of 3 year old preschool last Wednesday and he is liking it..loving it would be a stretch. I think he is having a hard time adjusting to not being able to play all of the time. He is really excited about science and getting to play on the big playground this year though.

He gets to ride to school with his BFF Mitchell every morning and loves it. They were both so excited about their first day!
I can't believe they are growing up so fast. It seems like yesterday he was born and we are one year closer to kindergarten.

Another Trip to Mandeville

A few weeks ago Jack and I went to Mandeville for a long overdue visit. We had a great time. We got to do lots of fun stuff...celebrate Mom and Dad's Birthdays, visit Family in BR, visit friends and friends kids, watch 2 Saints Preseason games, visit with my Grandma, etc. It was a busy week and a half but well worth it. The first night we were there we went to dinner for Mom's Birthday with Mom, Ms. Sandoz, and Ms. Boyd. It was a great time....I wish I would have had my camera to take pics.

On Dad's Birthday we headed over to New Orleans for the day. We had a fabulous sushi lunch and then headed to the IMAX and the Aquarium with Jack. He had never been to the IMAX and was so excited...(I confess that I was just as excited because it has been years since I've been to the IMAX).

He was so excited to have his own ticket and then to watch the movie....that is until it started. He was scared to death, so the glasses came off realy quick and Dad and I had to take turns convincing him that it was okay, since we were stuck in the middle of the aisle. It will be a few more years before we try that again.

After the IMAX we headed into the aquarium for a much better time. He had so much fun. He is definitely at that age where he really gets into the fish and understands what is going on. I wish we had something like this in Birmingham.

The next week we went and spent a few days in Baton Rouge with Maw Maw and Paw Paw and family. Jack loves to visit and see everyone.

Since he is the only Grandchild and Great Grandchild he gets alot of attention which leads to alot of this....being silly. He loves to put on a show and to play with his cousin Gordie. We got to check Gordie out of school one day to come and play and he thought that was so cool.

My sweet Paw Paw is retiring at the end of this month and wanted Jack to come and meet everyone that he works with so we spent the morning at his office. Jack had a great time and Paw Paw was so proud to show his great grandchild off(and I would like to think his oldest grandchild).

It was a great trip and we can't wait to go back in a few weeks. We really cherish all of the time we get to spend with our wonderful family and friends.

Saturday Morning Fun

Nothing like a Saturday with Daddy....The weekends with Daddy are the highlight of Jack's weeks lately and I think it is adorable. They get out and wash the cars, do work at the hunting property, look for deer behind our house, ride the John Deere, go to Home Depot, etc. He wants to be everywhere his Daddy is.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Brandon (Daddy)!

Tuesday was Brandon's 32nd Birthday! While he was at work Jack and I prepared for his birthday dinner. We had Pork Tenderloin, roasted potatoes, crunch slaw, and the yumminess below....chocolate brownie triffle. Jack and I had a blast making it. It was the perfect dessert for him to help make because the brownies and candy bar had to be crumbled, so there was no messing anything up. Mimi and Andi and Joey were able to celebrate with us. It was a great night.

Happy Birthday Brandon. We love you!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Beach Trip

We spent the last week on our wonderful family beach trip to Destin that has become a yearly thing since Jack was born. It is the trip we look forward to each year. This was the first year that Jack really enjoyed it. He played on the beach for hours,which was great since I love to be on the beach. The beaches were more gorgeous than I have ever seen them and there were no signs of oil. I hope it stays that way.

This picture is my favorite of the whole trip. They are having a little Father/Son chat.

Brandon and Jack had a blast playing on the beach.
Friday was Jack's "official" Birthday, so we went to Big Daddy's Arcade witht The Martins, The McPhillips, and Gigi and Cookie to celebrate. It was a great place that just opened by the owners of Fudpuckers and The Track and has arcade games, pizza, and ice cream. The kids had a blast.

Jack and Cookie had a great time shooting deer. Brandon was really proud of this picture.

Jack loved riding this motorcycle. He barely fit, but he made it work. The arcade was right next door to Fudpuckers so we walked over after to look at the alligators and Jack, Brandon, and I actually took a picture with a small alligator. Jack thought it was so cool. They took the picture so we weren't able to take one of our own.

My little handsome 3 year old. I can't believe how time has flown.
We had a great trip, but were ready to get back home. Jack was ready to get back to his "jeep" of course.

His First John Deere

Brandon has wanted to get this for Jack since he was a newborn, so we decided that this year would be the year. He calls it his "jeep" and absolutely loves it. I think he would sleep in it if he would fit.

Jack Turns 3

We had Jack's 3rd Birthday party Saturday at Treetop Family Adventure. It is a new family fun place that has just opened and it was great. If you live in Birmingham you have got to go.

There are tons of arcade games for the kids and adults. Jack had a blast bowling for the first time. There is also laser tag, a big treehouse for the kids to climb in, putt putt golf, water wars, golf carts, etc.

Since most of the kids were 1-4 we did the package that included the treehouse, putt putt, and arcade games. The kids loved playing putt putt. Jack was so proud that it was his birthday. As each person came in he gave them a hug and said "it's my birthday". I think this was the first year that he really got it.

His Parrain and Kayley were able to stop by to join in on the fun for a little while. Notice where they went. John and Brandon are dying for Jack to be the right age to hunt. Anytime they can get a gun or bow (toy, of course) in his hand they do. His Parrain gave him a toy bow and arrow set and Jack loves it.

After all the putt putt and treehouse fun, we headed to the party room for pizza, cake, and ice cream. It was a bit chaotic to say the least trying to round up a bunch of little ones, but it was worth it. They had a blast.

The Go Carts were not included in our package because the kids were too little to do it on their own, but the kid in Brandon, Nikki, and Nanny made us stay after to ride the go carts a couple of times. Jack wasn't real sure when he first got on and didn't understand why he couldn't drive. Once he got going Brandon said he loved it. He was smiling the whole time. Brandon said after a couple of laps he was yelling, "crash into Nanny and Nikki", "go faster".
When we got home Mimi, Nikki, and Nanny stayed over to watch Jack open his gifts and have a small photo shoot with the Birthday Boy.

He had a great birtday party and I can't believe that my little boy is 3. Thank you to everyone that came to his party and made it a very special day.