Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Mimi

Mimi's Birthday was last Wednesday, but because of everyone's busy schedules we had to wait until tonight to celebrate. She had the added bonus of Mom and Doug here and a King Cake for her birthday cake. Look at how excited Jack is to give Mimi her cake.
We love you Mimi and hope that you had a wonderful Birthday!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bless Our Boys...

I think it is finally starting to sink in that The Saints are Superbowl Champs. I am so thrilled and excited for them. I hate being so far away from all of the excitement. This is my favorite picture from it all! So Sweet. Who Dat?!

Snow Day...

I can't believe we finally got snow. They have predicted it a few times recently and we have gotten nothing, so I just knew it wasn't going to snow on Friday. Brandon, on the other hand, believed it so before Jack went to bed he got him all excited about the snow when he woke up in the morning. When I went in to get him that morning, he said "mommy, you ready to see the snow". I hated to tell him that there was no snow.

We got dressed and headed off to school. He forgot about the snow for the ride because he was getting excited about his Valentime's(as Jack would say) Party. I dropped him off and headed out to do errands. My Mom had called from Louisiana and said it was snowing there and we still had nothing. Well that didn't last long. About 45 minutes after I dropped Jack off the snow really started coming down.
They canceled school, so I headed back across town to get Jack. He was so excited when I got there to get him. The teachers said that he had not left the window and kept asking to build a snowman. We got home and he lasted 5 minutes before we had to bundle up and get out in the snow.

We played in it for a while and then headed in for a nap. Brandon came home from work early and was here when Jack got up. They headed out to play around in it and build a snowman. (I'll post pics soon). All in all it was a great day and we were so excited for the snow. I'm not a cold weather person, so I believe that if it is going to be so cold there needs to be snow!
Looks like we may get some more snow tonight, so we will probably be home from school tomorrow.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Is this a dream...

This has been such an exciting year for The Saints and us Louisiana folks. I have grown up watching and cheering for the Saints even though they were not that good or exciting. Well, this year has been much different. A phenominal season, #1 in the NFC, NFC Champs, and now The Superbowl!! We are so excited for The Saints!!!!!
Mom, Sena, and I were in New Orleans for the jewelry show for the last playoff game so we decided to stay over and watch the game in the middle of all the madness(and this is and understatement). It is a memory I will never forget!(The pics are not very good because they are from my phone)