Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas...

We had a wonderful Christmas week filled with great friends and family. This was our favorite Christmas yet with Jack. He really got into it and understood what was going on. On Christmas Eve every year Santa comes through our neigborhood on a fire truck. Last year Jack was petrified, but this year was a different story. Since we are the first house in the neighborhood, Santa stopped and waved at Jack and they turned the sirens on for him. He was so excited.

As most of you with 2 1/2 year olds know it is basically impossible to get a decent picture of them, so these are the best I could do in front of the tree when we got back from church. Mom and I tryed really hard for about 30 minutes and then finally gave up.

This is Jack seeing what Santa brought for the first time. He was thrilled. Santa as well as the family must have thought that he was REALLY GOOD this past year, because he got way too many toys.

Mimi gave him this preciuos rain gear set. Too bad we didn't have it a day earlier with all of the rain. He loved it and wanted to play in the rain.

Mimi also refinished an old kitchen set that Brandon and Nikki had when they were young and it is precious. It is all wood and matches our appliances so it will go great in our kitchen. Brandon isn't too sold on it because he doesn't think that boys should have a kitchen, but Jack loves to cook. That is all that he plays with at school and at friends houses.
She also gave him a set of drums because he loves music and to play the drums. She searched high and low for these and he loved him. He loved them so much that she gets to keep them at her house because he plays them nonstop.
I don't have any pics but he also got a tent and tunnel from Gigi and Papa that he wont stay out of.
We are anxiously awaiting Cookie and Kim's visit to do Round 2 of Christmas with them this week!!
I hope Santa was as good to everyone as he was at The Sellers house! Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Party Time

Jack had his Christmas Party at school yesterday and he had a blast. It was a Polar Express themed party, so they got to wear their Christmas PJ's. They had pizza and got to make cookies as well. All of the kids were precious.
Here is Jack with his good friend Mitchell. They were being very silly while patiently(NOT) waiting to swap Christmas ornaments.

Jack got the perfect ornament....a choo choo train. He had to hang it on the tree as soon as he got home.
This is what Jack gave Brandon and I for Christmas. He was so proud! The sleigh is his footprint and the reindeer and Santa's face are his finger prints. I love it. It will be so much fun to pull it out each year.

I am sure everyone is staying busy ths Holiday season like us. I feel like this is the busiest we have had yet. I hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday Season and we wish you a Merry Christmas!!!
The Sellers

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Program

Jack had is Christmas program at school today. It was precious. His Mimi, Aunt Nikki and Nanny were able to join us and he was so excited to show off his school. I think he was the proudest child at school today and was so thrilled to introduce everyone to his teachers. They sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and did great! After the program we were all able to eat brunch with Jack and the rest of his friends and parents from his class. In the picture below he was having a bit of a meltdown in the middle of the program. This morning when I dropped him off he had his first Mommy meltdown, since the first day of school. I was so upset because I just knew it would ruin his mood for his program...yes, he is just like his Mom for those of you thinking it...He came down the aisle saying " I want Mommy", sang for a minute and then went to sit on his teachers lap for a few minutes, got back up to sing and then back to his teachers lap. It was like he started having fun and then realized he was supposed to be wanting his Mommy.

Here he decided to sing again!
....and even participate!!!
We are looking forward to his class Christmas party in a few weeks. I hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday Season!!!

Deck The Halls

This year we decided to buy Jack his own little tree. He begged me for days to decorate his tree, but it took me a little while to get ornaments and lights. On Tuesday when he woke up from his nap we sat on the kitchen floor and decorated his tree. It was supposed to be for his room, but it has become a decoration in our kitchen. This way he can leave the lights on it all day. It is the first thing he asks for every morning. He calls it his "baby tree" and he shows everyone that comes into the house. He even brought the A/C man into the kitchen the other day to show him Luckily he has kids so he played along with him real well.
Later that night we decorated the "BIIGGG" tree as Jack would say. We let him stay up a little later than usual so that he could help put some ornaments on the tree. He was so proud!
I think he was more interested in climbing the ladder than really putting the ornament on the tree.
After he put a few of his ornaments on the tree we put him to bed and I finished decorating the tree. The next morning before I got him out of bed, I plugged in the tree and the garland on the mantle, so that he could see the finished product when he came downstairs. He was so excited. He said "wook Mommy, it's a kissmiss party"(Look Mommy it's a Christmas Party). I put him down so that I could make breakfast and he made his way into the living room and was in pure shock at the tree and the lights. After a few minutes he saw the garland and stockings on the mantle. He came running into the kitchen and said, "wook Mommy, wook at the boots"(what he is calling stockings).
We are having so much fun with him this Christmas season because he is so into it. I can't wait for Christmas morning!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Life with Jack....

Jack's mind is all over the place these days. We never know what is going to come out of his mouth. His imagination is also running wild. Today, while I was cleaning my bedroom he picked up the portable phone(that had noone on it) and said "hello, hold on, Momma they have wrong number". I looked at him in total awe and said "what did you say", he put the phone back to his ear and said "wrong number, bye bye".
He is also much smarter than me these days and very bossy. The other day we were decorating his little Christmas tree for his bedroom. I had put the lights on it and we were sitting on the floor organizing the ornaments. I had the drums in one pile and the trains in another. He started counting the drums and lining them up as he counted, but he missed one, so I told him "let's do it again and you count when my finger touches the drum". I touched the first drum and said 1, and the second and said 2. He looked at me and said "no Momma, say unos, dos". Again, I looked at him in awe, because I thought surely he didn't just count in spanish and said "what did you just say". He looked at me and said it's unos, dos, Momma. I don't know spanish(because I took french) and we don't teach him Spanish and neither does school, as far as we know, so the only thing that Brandon and I can think is that he gets it from Diego and Dora(his favorite these days).
It is never a dull moment around the Sellers house. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Geaux Saints.....12-0!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa's Little Helper

Our Elf, which we are currently calling Mr. Elf appeared on Sunday night. We found it in Jack's room when we got home from Thanksgiving. He was real hesitant about it, but very excited that a present had magically appeared. I think he is a little young this year to get the entire concept but he is having fun with it. Each morning he wakes up and wants to find Mr. Elf and he understands that he can't touch it because it will take away his magic. I'm hoping he starts to catch on that he must behave because Mr. Elf reports back to Santa. We'll see!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a very busy Thanksgiving Holiday. Jack and I headed to Mandeville the Thursday before Thanksgiving to have some time to visit with friends, family, and go on a few adventures. Friday Mom had a field trip with her students to The Audubon Zoo, so Jack and I drove across the lake and met them. He had an absolute blast.
We don't have elephants at our zoo, so that was one of his highlights of the trip to the zoo. He had a blast with Gigi and his best buddy, Ms. Sandoz.
Saturday we spent the day with Dad. We went to lunch, grocery store, cooked jambalaya, visited with one of my best friends Lindsay, and watched the worst game of LSU's season. It was a great day.
We shopped a little with Gigi on Sunday and Monday and then had a playdate my friends and their kids. It is so much fun to get together with the girls and all of the kiddos. I love to watch how much they have changed since the last time I have seen them. I just love that we have all been friends for so long and feel so fortunte to have those types of friendships in my life.
Lately, we have been adding some new babies to the group. Jack loves the babies. He had to take a break from playing to hold sweet Cecilia. He loved it.
Wednesday we headed to Baton Rouge to get started with the Thanksgiving festivities. My cousin has a Thanksgiving Eve party at his house each year. They cook oyster poboys and other delicious food and then prepare the stuffing for the turkey. It is a blast. I just love seeing and catching up with family that I don't see that often. This is a pic of 4 generations of Simons. This is not all of them, but the group that was there. From left: My Dad, cousin Chip, cousin Jay, cousin Anthony, cousin Brandon, Me, Paw Paw(Uncle Bob), cousin Angelle and cousin Antoine.On Friday, we headed to Montegut to spend time with My Mom and Doug, My Grandma, Uncle Alan, new Brother and Sister in Law and nieces. We ate great food and watched an LSU game that came out with a W in the end!! Jack loved his cousin Shelby. Although she wasn't thrilled to have him hold her, he was so proud. I think that is a sign that he is ready for a sibling.

We got back late last night, took down Thanksgiving stuff and are ready to start decorating for Christmas. All in all we had a great trip home. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Aboard

We had a blast this Halloween. Jack was very excited that his good friend Ann Rogers came over to trick or treat with us, as well as his Cookie and Kim, Mimi, Aunt Sena and Uncle Robbie and Aunt Andi and Uncle Joey. Here are a few pics from last night. They aren't the best pics because I am having issues with my camera. Enjoy!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Jack's School Program

Jack had his first school program on Tuesday night and I'll have to say Brandon and I were very proud parents. He loves school so much and couldn't wait to show his Daddy Mrs. Valerie and Mrs. Dawn. His teachers told us that he is the sweetest and most polite child in the class and has such a big heart. I was thinking, "my child?", the same one that calls everything "mine", and tells me "no" all of the time, etc. I guess all the hard work that we put into to teaching him to be this way has paid off. Now, if we can only get it to work at home.

Jack was proud to show us where he sits in circle time and some of the artwork that he has done.

He had a great time playing with his friend Mitchell and Mitchell's sister.

Jack loves his teachers so much. Here he is playing with Mrs. Valerie.
After the open house, there was a spaghetti dinner and silent auction. All of he kids performed a song and then sang the blessing. It was adorable. They all came out in these precious chef hats. Jack was so proud and did a great job.

We are already looking forward to the next event!


Last weekend we headed down to Baton Rouge for the LSU/Auburn game. Sena and and Robbie made the trip with us this year(Robbie's first time), so of course we had to show them a good time!!!! Friday we took them to Chimes and then out to see Red Line Annie. Saturday we woke up and headed to Fred's for their famous Game Day steaks, which were delicious as usual, and then we headed out to the tailgate. I think Sena and Robbie had a great time and are already lookning forward to 2011. As you know this game is difficult for Brandon and I, but I have to say we handled it the best we ever have this year..we still didn't sit together though. Here are a few pics from the weekend. Enjoy!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Busy weekend...

We had a very busy and fun filled weekend. Brandon went hunting for the weekend, so Jack and I had lots of activities planned to keep us busy. Friday night we laid low and just hung around the house. Saturday Leeann and I took the Kids to Boo at the Zoo. They had a blast. I think Jack got a good idea of what Halloween was. He was so excited to be a "train abducter". As usual the first thing that we had to do was ride the train. He loved it. They decorate the main train route with ghosts, spiders, etc. to make it a "haunted halloween train". Jack loved all of the "itsy bitsy spiders" as he would call them. I was worried that he may get a little scared but he loved it.

After the train ride, the kids got to trick or treat. They have wooden houses lined up and the kids get to trick or treat. Jack was really cute. He told everyone thank you when they put candy in his pumpkin and even asked a few people for "another one please".

This was the best group picture I could get. I'm hoping that Leeann got a better one. There was so much going on that we couldn't get them to all look at once. Jack was being silly on the "haunted carousel". After the festivities at the zoo we took the kids to Davenports for some pizza. It was a great night!
Sunday, we went to church and then later in the afternoon we took Jack to see Seasame Street Live, When Elmo Grows Up. When I got the tickets I was really excited that we had gotten 6th row tickets, or so I thought. When we got there the lady directed us to our seats, on the SECOND ROW!! It was great. We weren't real sure how Jack would do, since he can't seem to sit still for 1 minute these days but he was mesmorized from the second Elmo stepped on stage.
Look at his reaction when Elmo first came onto stage....
He was up dancing and singing most of the time. It was well worth the money just to see him enjoy it.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend as well!