Monday, June 16, 2008

Jack's Weekend With Cookie

Jack had his first weekend away from Brandon and I. We had a last minute invitation to go on an adults only trip to Gulf Shores and Cookie and Kim were nice enough to keep Jack for the weekend. They had a great weekend. I'm sure you are wondering why the 2 of them are standing in a pin next to a bull???? My cousins Ali, Drew, and Gordie show bulls and they were having a showing(I'm not sure what you call them) this weekend so Jack and Cookie went all day Saturday to watch them. Dad said that Jack was not sure about the bulls and wasn't really crazy about being next to them.
Maw Maw and Jack had a great time. They hung out most of the day watching the kids show their bulls. Jack loves to clap these days and Maw Maw said that every time the families would clap for their kids, Jack would join in.
This is my Godchild Ali and Jack. She is a little Mother to Jack when he is around and he loves her. I wish that we lived closer so that we could see them all of time.
I just had to include this picture of my cousin Gordie. He has been playing his guitar in front of crowds since he was probably 2 or 3 years old. It is hilarious. He takes it everywhere he goes and has no problem getting the crowds attention!
After a long weekend we met my Dad (a.k.a Cookie) at Cracker Barrel in Mobile to get Jack and have a Father's Day lunch with Dad and Brandon. It was really nice. I am glad that we were able to hang out with my Dad some on Father's Day too. I hope that everyone had a great weekend and a Happy Father's Day.



The Notos said...

Hey, I was looking for a photographer for Charlie and found the Abernathy website, anyway she has your picture with Jack on there. I'm thinking about using her, would you recommend her? My blog is, or you can email me

The Notos said...

Then I'm definitely using her! I should have done a year package but I just let it slip by, oh well. Yes, let's definitely get together soon, we're out of town this weekend and then I'm going to the beach next weekend, but after that if you're available and maybe we can get Jim and Shea to come along, since we all live so close to each other. Yall will all have to come over for dinner! I love Jack's curly hair, where did that come from?

Tracy said...

One word on the hair....


Ash, you are neglecting us here! We need more pics! HAHA See you in a couple of weeks.