Friday, June 6, 2008

These Hot Summer Days

These hot summer days are making it hard to find much to do outside and it kills me becasue Jack loves to be outside. I got his pool out 2 days this week and he loved it. It gives me an excuse to get a little sun too! He does great in it for about 10-15 minutes and then has more fun climbing in and out of it. I may have to do what my friend Nicole did and get the HUGE baby pool so that he can't get out!

He had more fun today sitting on the edge of the pool playing with the air pump while all of the toys we have bought him still sit in the pool. I have always heard not to spend alot on toys because they don't play with them and now I believe it. His favorite things are things that I would rather him not destroy my house with like pots, wooden spoon, and tupperware. He is so much fun though. I think so far this is my favorite age. He is soooooo close to walking. He will pull up on something and let go and balance himself for a few minutes but then sits I guess this is what they do at 11 months. I can't believe it has almost been a year. Time flies! I will save the emotional stuff until July.

We have a very busy weekend planned. Brandon is on his annual guys trip in Gulf Shores. He has been so busy lately with work and other things that he really deserved a weekend away. We hope you are having fun with the boys! My cousin Todd is getting married tomorrow so we have family staying with us. My Grandma and Grandpa and cousin Rachel got here last night and my Mom, Uncle Alan and Aunt Ashley and Scott and AJ will be here tonight. This will be Jack's 1st wedding. I am really nervous because it starts at 6:00, which is when he normally eats, and I know it will be a late night. Well I will stop rambling(you can tell I have plenty of help right now). I hope everyone has a great weekend and is having a great summer like we are!!


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David & Nicole said...

What a little cutie pie!!
The big baby pool is definitely worth it! Doesn't the in and out and in and out make you crazy!!
Hope ya'll have a great weekend!!
Love, Nicole