Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jack's 1st Birthday Party

I am going to have to do a couple of entries to get all of the pictures up. If anyone knows how to get more than 5 pictures at a time please let me know. Jack had a wonderful time at his party. He had alot of family and friends to celebrate his bid day with. uiiop[ vbhjkl;'(This is a message from Jack)

Jack at the beginning of his party, taking it all in.
Jack in his new bouncie that Gigi gave him with his friend Caroline and Chloe.
Jack and his cousin Gordie. He is just trying to figure out the cake and Gordie and Chloe are trying to show him what to do.
Jack rubbing cake all through his curls.
He is about done, but we had to get a picture of him in is precious birthday crown from his Aunt Mo.


monique said...

what a cutie pie! thanks so much for getting a pic of him in his crown---I love it! I am really so sad that I had to miss his special day but I was certainly thinking about him (and ya'll)---it looks like everything was very special and fun! miss ya'll, MO

lnobles said...

Gordie looks just like Andrew!