Monday, August 18, 2008

Long Overdue...McWane Center

I know that I promised these a week and a half ago, sorry. I just got busy trying to pack for Destin and we were gone all last week. I promise to keep up better.

We got together with some friends about 2 weeks ago and took the kids to the McWane Center. For friends and family back home it is just like the Children's Museum. It has been so hot out we thought it would be nice to do something indoors. Everyone has been so busy this summer that we haven't had many opportunities to get together, so it was really nice to see everyone. The kids had a blast! Us Moms are ready for the fall so that things can slow down a little during the week and we can have some order in our lives.
This is Jack and Caroline. I'm not really sure what they were looking at but whatever it was it was really interesting!
This is Jack driving the train. He loved it. We used lots of hand sanitizer to try and keep from getting sick. We were lucky but some of our other friends were not.

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