Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had a wonderful Halloween. My Dad came in town for a long weekend to hang out with us and be with Jack on his 2nd Halloween. He was precious.

My Mom was in a while ago and we were out shopping for nothing in particular. I had not even thought about Jack's Halloween costume yet. We walked into HomeGoods and there it was the most precious costume I have ever seen, a shaggy dog. We tried it on him and didn't think twice. GiGi had to buy it for him to wear this Halloween.

He acted like he had been doing it for years. He didn't understand the Trick or Treat concept but he did understand "knock knock". He would run up to each door and knock. If they didn't come right then he would try and open their door. Once they did open the door he would take a handful of candy, put it in his bag and go for another. He even tried to make himself at home in a few houses. One in particulatr he noticed the neighbors little boys toys in the living room and walked in and sat down to start playing with the toys. I was so embarrased!!

This is a picture of him on Halloween. Dad and I trid to prepare him all day, but he had no clue what was going on.
Here is our precious litle puppy. He got to Trick or Treat on his new tricycle that Cookie(my Dad) bought him this weekend as an early Christmas present. Can you say spoiled?
This isn't the best picture but I thought it was cute of the 3 boys having a blast.
Jack is impatiently waiting for them to open the door.
This is the best picture(not saying much) that I could get of him all night. He is at the age where he will not stay still and I can't seem to get any cute pictures.
I had to show the cutest part of the costume, the tail. When he runs(because he doesn't walk) it wags from side to side. He even kept the hood on all night! He was such a trooper.
I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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Tracy said...

I feel like a broken record but I just can't help it! He is so adorable!