Thursday, February 5, 2009

We live in an Elmo world

Jack is obsessed with Elmo. We have to watch Seasame Street every morning and then an Elmo video every afternoon. My Sister was in Atlanta a couple of weekends ago and bought Jack his first Elmo t-shirt. It is precious if you can look past the fact that it says "Elmo is for Auburn University", but Jack is in love with it.

I went to dress him this morning and this was in the pile of clothes that needed to be put away. He grabbed it and would not let go, so I put it on him and he has been reminding me all day that Elmo is on his shirt. It is sooo cute. This picture is not that great but I thought it was cute because he was saying cheese for the camera.
Thanks Nanny and James for Jack's shirt. I have to say I think it is his favorite!!!


Tracy said...

Sounds like the terrible twos are starting early! I'm going to have to come visit soon. He's changing too fast!

Chrissy said...

Madison loves Elmo too! It must be the age!