Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who needs toys when you have......

Yogurt...I walked out of the kitchen for less than five minutes this morning and this is what I cam back to. I was in the living room talking to Brandon when I heard Jack saying "mmmm". I told Brandon that I needed to go because it sounded like Jack had found something on the floor that he was eating. When I walked around the corner he looked at me and said "mmmmm" as he took a bite of his yogurt. This is the same yogurt that 3o minutes ago he wanted nothing to do with. I don't know how he did it but he somehow got this off of the kitchen counter. a sippy cup....that is not supposed to spill. I was in the kitchen with him the other night. He was playing while I cooked. He got really quite so I looked around the island to see what he was doing. This is what I found. Our precious Jack had dumped his entire cup(I had just filled it up) of milk onto the floor and was having a blast playing in it. So were the dogs!

Lip Gloss.....We went to Leeann's house last Thursday for a play date and lunch. All of the other kids were playing with toys, but Jack wanted to play with other things. I have gotten smart about zipping my purse if it has to be in his reach. I had forgotten that there was some play lipgloss that Chloe(Kim's Granddaughter) left in my purse this summer. We were sitting in the kitchen talking and Mindy just happened to walk by Jack and catch him. She said "come look at Jack and bring your camera quick" This is what everyone saw. He had unscrewed the lip gloss and attempted to put it on his lips. No big deal right. Then I looked down at his outfit and it was all over him. If you have ever tried to get lip gloss out of an outfit you know my thoughts. It took a week and about 5 different things to finally get it out enough that it isn't noticeable.
For those of you wondering, there is never a dull moment around our house these days. Jack is soooo much fun, but 100% boy and is so curious about everything.
We have just started time out because our wonderful Pediatrician said that he needs it. He is very strong willed and is way too smart for Brandon and I. He has also started biting again and his victim always seems to be me. My poor arm is black and blue.
Most of you that have kids this age or older are probably laughing at me right now thinking about the days that you went through this stage. If you have any suggestions I would love to know.
He is such a sweet little boy though that is talking up a storm and has turned into a Momma's boy. I love it most of the time, but I feel bad for Brandon when he wants time with him and he only wants me. He is repeating the last word to everything that we say, so we really have to be careful as to what we do say. I had just asked him the other night if he had poo poo and then h got on the phone with my Mom and told her that he had "poo poo" and then he told her "ewwww". Where do kids get this from???!!!
I hope everyone is doing well and sorry that I have not been the best at keeping up the blog.

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