Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jack's First Swim Lesson

Jack had his first swim lesson this morning. He was so excited and couldn't wait to get there.
It took a little bit of talking to get him to get in with John, the teacher. He was a little confused that I wasn't getting in with him. Once he got in he did great!

We are doing the lessons with his friend Ian that is his age and a friend of Ian's, David, that is also their age.
Here are a few more cute pics fromt the morning. When Jack got out of the pool he said, "Mommy, next time I am going to dive to the bottom, okay". I just giggled. A little too ambitious, but it made me feel good about the lessons.


monique said...

so cute! I love the pic of Jack with his arms around the other kids--just precious!

Tracy said...

There is no fear in his eyes! You are so going to have your hands full, even more than now. LOL

Aunt Nikki said...

Love the pics! Jack is the bomb.com!!! I remember when Brandon learned to swim. Jack reminds me so much of my brother! Jack is more brave though!