Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jack's 1st Tornado Warning

We had awful weather in Birmingham on Friday with tornadoes all around us. At about 2:00 the sirens went off by our house(for those of you from Louisiana, this means get to your safe place). I watch the weather to find out that we are in the vicinity of where a tornado has a possibility to occur. I grab our pillows and blankets and walk out into the living room with Jack to the sound of hail hitting all of our windows. I had never seen anything like it before. They were at least the size of golf balls. My neighbors were on the back porch trying to catch them. I gather up the dogs and put Bailey, Bella, and Jack in the powder room. I leave the room for 1 minute to grab the radio because we have lost signal on the tv and when I open the door Jack has managed to unroll the entire roll of toilet paper and is wrapped in it, eating it, and having the best time of his life. It was hilarious. I can't take my eyes off of him for a second. As usual there was no need for me to go to shelter, but with Jack it is better safe than sorry.The dogs look thrilled while Jack is having a blast in the toilet paper. Tornado????


Tracy said...

Too cute! I hate the reason it came about though. Just please don't do to him what Gma did to me after we moved to AR. The sirens would go off and she would freak. She'd start grabbing pillows and trying to make me get in the tub. Course all of our neighbors would be on their front porches yelling to each other cause they were looking for the possible nader! I still have issues to this day with strong storms because of it. While I agree that it is better safe than sorry, please try not to give the little man a phobia!

Tracy said...

Oh yeh, welcome to the blogging world!

lindseyreade said...

Poor Jack! I have a feeling he will be sitting in alot of closests. Reminds me of that time you left me alone on Smolian Place during the tornado warnings.

Maybe you guys should go ahead and build a tornado shelter?