Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bye Bye Bottle

I had to post this because I am so excited. Jack no longer takes a bottle at bedtime. Yeah!!!! He has been on sippy cups all day for a while now, but I was just not brave enough for to take his bedtime bottle away even though I knew that I needed to. The other night I realized at dinner that he was drinking over 20 ounces of milk a day and that lately at bedtime he had only been drinking a couple of ounces of his bottle before he went to sleep. Basically, for comfort. Tuesday night I decided to try no bottle. I bathed him, read him 2 books, and put him down in his crib. He went down without a wimper. I kept thinking, "We can't get this lucky", but we did. We never heard a peep from him. Brandon put him down last night and we kept thinking "it can't be this easy", but again we never heard from him. Hopefully it was that easy and we are done with the bottly. Now, if we could only start liking school!


Tracy said...

Sorry Ash. Liking school doesn't happen til college.

Barkley said...

YEA!! I hope it's that easy for Claire!

Walt said...

You are obviously having a ball with Jack, and he's cute as a button. You'll probably tell me to mind my own business, but is a haircut scheduled any time soon?

Great Grandaddy

Grandma said...

Happy, Happy 14mos of bringing joy and love to all of us for Jackson Robert Sellers, the most precious and adorable Great Grandson of mine. I love you very much.
Great Grandma