Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jack's 1st Day of School

Well, Mother's Day Out! I have really been looking forward to this so that I can have a couple of hours to myself each week. My Mom and Doug are here because of Gustav, so Mom and I had planned to drop Jack off and shop around town for a while, meet the boys for lunch, and then pick Jack up from School. Well, Mom and I dropped him off and went to get breakfast and then to Marshalls and were on our way to meet the guys when I got a phone call from his teacher. Jack had been crying since right after we left and had not stopped. I felt awful so we went and picked him up. As soon as we walked in he stopped(of course) and was happy as can be. He was great the rest of the day. I am really worried that he won't like school but we are going to continue to try for a little while. I am going to take him for a couple of hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays until he can hopefully make it the whole time. We will see.
I am an awful Mother because I have no pictures. My Mom took some so as soon as she can get home and send them to me I will post. He looked really cute and seemed really excited!

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