Sunday, December 6, 2009

Life with Jack....

Jack's mind is all over the place these days. We never know what is going to come out of his mouth. His imagination is also running wild. Today, while I was cleaning my bedroom he picked up the portable phone(that had noone on it) and said "hello, hold on, Momma they have wrong number". I looked at him in total awe and said "what did you say", he put the phone back to his ear and said "wrong number, bye bye".
He is also much smarter than me these days and very bossy. The other day we were decorating his little Christmas tree for his bedroom. I had put the lights on it and we were sitting on the floor organizing the ornaments. I had the drums in one pile and the trains in another. He started counting the drums and lining them up as he counted, but he missed one, so I told him "let's do it again and you count when my finger touches the drum". I touched the first drum and said 1, and the second and said 2. He looked at me and said "no Momma, say unos, dos". Again, I looked at him in awe, because I thought surely he didn't just count in spanish and said "what did you just say". He looked at me and said it's unos, dos, Momma. I don't know spanish(because I took french) and we don't teach him Spanish and neither does school, as far as we know, so the only thing that Brandon and I can think is that he gets it from Diego and Dora(his favorite these days).
It is never a dull moment around the Sellers house. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Geaux Saints.....12-0!!

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Tracy said...

You mean doce - cero! LOL