Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas...

We had a wonderful Christmas week filled with great friends and family. This was our favorite Christmas yet with Jack. He really got into it and understood what was going on. On Christmas Eve every year Santa comes through our neigborhood on a fire truck. Last year Jack was petrified, but this year was a different story. Since we are the first house in the neighborhood, Santa stopped and waved at Jack and they turned the sirens on for him. He was so excited.

As most of you with 2 1/2 year olds know it is basically impossible to get a decent picture of them, so these are the best I could do in front of the tree when we got back from church. Mom and I tryed really hard for about 30 minutes and then finally gave up.

This is Jack seeing what Santa brought for the first time. He was thrilled. Santa as well as the family must have thought that he was REALLY GOOD this past year, because he got way too many toys.

Mimi gave him this preciuos rain gear set. Too bad we didn't have it a day earlier with all of the rain. He loved it and wanted to play in the rain.

Mimi also refinished an old kitchen set that Brandon and Nikki had when they were young and it is precious. It is all wood and matches our appliances so it will go great in our kitchen. Brandon isn't too sold on it because he doesn't think that boys should have a kitchen, but Jack loves to cook. That is all that he plays with at school and at friends houses.
She also gave him a set of drums because he loves music and to play the drums. She searched high and low for these and he loved him. He loved them so much that she gets to keep them at her house because he plays them nonstop.
I don't have any pics but he also got a tent and tunnel from Gigi and Papa that he wont stay out of.
We are anxiously awaiting Cookie and Kim's visit to do Round 2 of Christmas with them this week!!
I hope Santa was as good to everyone as he was at The Sellers house! Happy New Year!!!


monique said...

So cute! Jack really racked up:). Hope you had a Happy New Year! Can't wait to see you soon!

The Crowders said...

I just had time to look at your blog. Jack had a BIG Christmas!!! :-) AR did too though, they are spoiled rotten. I miss you too...a lot! Let's for sure do something soon. AR misses Jack too!