Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beach Trip

This post is very long overdue. The ones that do keep up with our blog have finally given up on me at this point. Our summer has been so crazy with trips and events. I have started a new side job sewing clothes for a friend of mines small business and loving every minute of it. It is just taking up alot of my free time right now until I get a good system down. I have tons to make for Jack for the fall too! I can't wait to get it done and put it up for everyone to see. I have also just gotten an embroidery machine from my Grandmother and very anxious to learn how to use it.

Enough about me....These are pics from our wonderful beach trip a few weeks ago. When Jack was born Brandon and I decided that we would take a weeks vacation somewhere every summer with our children. For now it is the beach, and I am very okay with that. I'm sure as he gets older it will be Disney World and many other fun adventures.

Our good friends, The Stricklands were able to go with us for the whole week and we had a blast. Mary Molloy and Jack got along very well(as you can see in the pic below), the boys got to play golf and fish, and Mindy and I got some quite time on the beach(imagine that) and some shopping time. It was a much needed long vacation.We were nervous about how Jack would react to the sand since this was only the second time he had ever been to the beach. The last time was last summer when he had just turned one and started walking. Well, he loved it. The first time he put his feet in the sand he was unsure, but it took about 5 minutes and he was into it. He loved the ocean! The water was goregeous so we were able to spend alot of time in the water with the kids. This picture is on our second day at the beach. Poor thing was so tired but refused to go in for a nap. We sat him on the raft out in the ocean and within 5 minutes he was out. He slept on the raft in the ocean with us for a good 30 minutes and then Brandon carried him in and laid him on the sand for the rest of the nap.

We also got to spend the day at the point with our good friends The Martins that live in Destin. The kids had a blast playing together and the Guys had a great time seeing the sites that came in on the Cigarette boat(it was the end of boat week and the day of the poker run) you can only imagine the sites they saw.
All in all it was a great trip. I can't wait to go back next year! For now we need a break and I never thought I would say I am ready for the fall, but I am and it is just around the corner.

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