Thursday, September 3, 2009

Visit to Baton Rouge

While we were in Mandeville having Jack's 2 year pictures done, we were able to spend the day in Baton Rouge with my Maw Maw and Paw Paw and Family. When we are there Jack loves to play outside with Paw Paw. They have a great time. He also like to play the electric organ for Maw Maw. He doesn't see them that often and it amazes me the things he remembers. Everytime we walk into their house he gives kisses and hugs and heads straight to the bedroom where the electric organ(that has been around since my Aunts and Uncles were little) is, turns it on and starts playing. After about 5 minutes of that he heads outside to Paw Paws shed to climbl on the tractor(which is just a riding lawn mower). The past few times the shed has been locked because Paw Paw has some stuff in there that is not safe for the little ones. Jack will check the door, see that it is locked and run inside to where the keys to their cars are and head back out to try and unlock the door. We just laugh.

I get choked up everytime I watch him play with his Great Grandparents. He won't realize until he is older how great that is and how fortunat he is to know them and have them be able to run around and play with him.
Jack also got out into the yard with Drew to help move the wheel barrow for Paw Paw.
We had a blast and are already looking forward to our next visit in October!!

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