Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Worries of a Mother of a 2 Year Old....

We are in week 3 of school and Jack is loving it! I was a little worried and hesitant at first because of the way he has been about school in the past. He wakes up every morning talking about school, even when he doesn't have it that day. Every day that I pick him up, I ask what he did at school and I usually get "artwork", "playground", "play with friends" know the normal responses from a child's day at school. Well, Monday his response was different and it has bothered me for the past 2 days. When I picked him up, I asked him how his day was. His response..."Jack bite Campbell". My response..."WHAT?!!!. Jack's response..."Campbell Cry, Jack bite Campbell." I did what every Mother would do and told him that it is not nice or right to bite anyone, etc. As soon as I got home I pulled his folder out of his backpack to check his report for the day and there was nothing. I was also thinking that if he had bitten someone that the teacher would have brought him to the car at carpool to tell me about it, so I dismissed it. He has been making up alot of stories lately, so Brandon and I just assumed that is what he was doing. We have also not had any issues with biting lately.
Well, last night I had a clothing show at my house and at the end of the show Brandon and Jack came home from dinner. There were still some girls here and they asked him how he was liking school. He said, "Jack bite Campbell, Campbell cry". I can understand him making a story up once, but not twice....especially a 2 year old, so I again lectured him and then we put him to bed. After we put him to bed, I was really bothered by this and had a million thoughts running through my head...
*I don't want the biter
*He isn't going to have any friends
*These parents of the kids he is biting are going to hate us
*He won't be invited to anything because he bites
*He is going to get kicked out of school
...I think, the normal thoughts any parent would have if in this situation.
I pondered and pondered on calling his teacher and asking. Part of me didn't want to call him out, because maybe it wasn't bad enough and the teachers didn't even know. Maybe Jack and Campbell worked it out on their own. I had decided I would just leave it be until the teacher said something.
This morning while I was dressing him I asked if he was excited about school and he answers, "yep mam Mommy. Campbell Cry, Jack bite Campbell". At this point I knew that he had to have bitten this poor little Girl....What do I do?
Well, I didn't have to wait long. Today when I picked him up from carpool his teacher brought him to the car and answered any questions that I had. He in fact had bitten Campbell on the finger on Monday and then bitten Emery today. The teacher said the he wasn't doing it to be mean, it was just out of the blue and it wasn't even leaving teeth marks. She assured me that they were working on it and that I didn't need to be alarmed at this point.
When we drove off, I asked what he did at school and surprise, surprise..."Jack bite", I say, "Who did Jack bite", he says"Emery", I then ask why, how, etc? and my 2 YEAR old goes into this 5 minute long explanation, none of which I understood. My point being that he knows what he is doing and why!!!!!
When we got home he went to time out for biting and for being sassy to Me and Aunt Sena(that is another blog entry in itself) and I have taken away his favorite thing these days, orange juice...just for the day. He will still have water and milk but that is all that I can think to do at this point because I am not there when this is happening.
I think that my fun is only beginning and am praying that we get this nipped so that he doesn't get kicked out of school, especially since he is loving it so much!
Sorry for the long post, but I did it for one to vent and for two to welcome any advice any of you Mothers may have.
I hope everyone is having a great week!


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