Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

Sunday night a big group of us took the kids to the zoo for Boo at the Zoo. We had a picnic dinner before and then headed into the zoo for some fun filled festivities. It was really crowded because it was the last night. Genius me did not realize that when I planned this night but overall it was alot of fun. It was just really hard to all stick together as a group, so most of us split up and did our own things. The important thing is that the kids had a blast.

This is my precious puppy, Jack. He only kept the hood on for about 30 minutes. This is only partial costume. I will have the full costume for Friday night.

Here was our best attemp at getting some of the kids together. We are missing Charlie and Caroline, but did the best we could. From left: Addison, Claire, Ann Rogers, and Jack.

Jack and Daddy took a minute to pose in front of the huge pumpkin. This was the best that we could get being that it was 8:00 and Jack's bedtime.

Jack and his nanny had a great time.
Lindsay and James had a great time riding the haunted carousel.
They had 2 little villages set up around the zoo with fake houses and people handing out candy. Jack really enjoyed it and was very polite and said "Thank you" to everyone!

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