Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Visit to Baton Rouge

We went to Baton Rouge for 2 days to visit with Maw Maw and Paw Paw. Jack just loves seeing them. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents in our lives and even more blessed that Jack gets to know them.

Jack and Maw Maw played in the back yard for a while. They are taking a break for a hug.
Maw Maw is trying to help Jack ride the car. He finally figured out how to get on it but couldn't move it in the grass.
He is just chillin here. I just love this picture!
Later in the afternoon when my Paw Paw got home from work and My Dad got done with work the 4 of us went to visit Mike the Tiger while Maw Maw got dinner ready. Mike was snoozing in the bushes of his ridiculously nice home, so Jack wasn't able to see him but he had fun playing with his statue.
Paw Paw bought Jack and LSU hat from the gift shop and Jack loved it. He is not usually a fan of hats but he kept this one on for a long time. I thought this was the cutest picture that I got the whole time. He had such a great time with Paw Paw and Cookie.

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