Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jack's First Day of School

Jack had his second first day of school this Tuesday. Look how precious he is all ready to walk out the door and go to school. He was so excited! I was a little nervouse because the school he is in for summer does a carpool line, which means he is taken out of the car by a teacher and put back into the car by a teacher and I never have to get out. Great for me, but I was worried that Jack would freak out if a stranger took him out of the car, especially on his first day. Well, I was wrong. He couldn't wait to get out of the car and go to "cool". When the teacher took him out of the car he looked back at me and said "bye, love you". I was a little upset that he didn't care anymore than that, but very happy at the same time because I didn't want a replay of school last fall. He had a great report card at the end of the day and was very worn out. All he could talk about last night was "cool".

Day two, I was not so lucky. I kept thinking yesterday that there was no way this would be this easy, but I kept convincing myself that maybe it was. Well today proved me right. I took him this morning and he seemed excited, but not as excited and vocal about it as yesterday. When she came to get him out of the car he went nuts. He grabbed onto the buckle so that the teacher couldn't get it undone and started saying "hold you mommy, hold you". I felt so bad. The teacher reassured me that this was normal and that he had such a great day yesterday he would be fine today. He then grabbed onto the sides of the carseat and screamed as loud as he could. I let her take him because I thought it was for his own good and once she walked away from the car he was fine and had a great day.

On another exciting note, he is starting to use the potty. This is probably too good to be true also, because I don't think it can be this easy, but right now I am just going along with it. We haven't reached the point of him telling me when he needs to go but he is very persisitent in telling me when he has gone. He doesn't have school next week so I have bought him some choo choo underwear that we have had to put on for a little while each day and we are going to experiment with potty training next week. Wish me luck! This will be interesting.

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