Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Terrible Twos

This week has been very interesting in our house. Jack's normal mood, tantrums, and sleeping habits have been way worse than normal. Let's just say AWFUL! He has always been a great sleeper at night and had gotten much better during the day. Lately we have had to fight him to go down at night, so he has had some pretty late nights. During the day he has only been taking about 20 minute naps, so he has stayed pretty cranky. I have just assumed that his attitude is because he has been tired or maybe getting teeth.

On Monday we had friends over to play. He did fairly well, except for the occasional "mine" break down because another child picked up a toy that Jack didn't even know he had and started to play with it. Yes, we are also going through a phase where everything is "mine". After lunch we decided to sit inside and watch cartoons because it was so hot outside. The kids were glued to the tv so the girls sat and chatted for a while. I looked over at one point and this is how I found Jack. Too cute, right? For about 2 seconds. I picked him up to move him upstairs and he had a complete meltdown, which resulted in him crying through his entire naptime.
He fought us to go down last night, so needless to say he wanted to sleep in today when he needed to be at school by 9:30. I let him sleep until about 9:10 and then got him up and dressed and we headed off to school. I was nervous about him getting out of the car but he did great. I went on to the dentist and was on my way to do errands around 11:30 when I got a phone call from school. When I answered I could hear him screaming "Mama, night night". The teacher said he had been screaming since he got there this morning. He stopped long enough to do art (because that is his favorite subject) and then started up again once art was over. She also said that he had been pulling on his ear, so she was worried he had an ear infection or something.

Well, I did what most Moms would do and rushed to school to pick him up. When I got there he said "Hey Mama" and then turned to his teacher and said "Bye Bye School". He then looked at me and pointed at his backpack on the wall and said "mon Mama"(come on Mama) and started to walk out of the door. I knew at that second that he had pulled one on me and was completely fine.

I went on to lunch where he had 3 meltdowns, one resulting in him throwing a fork at people in the booth in front of us and another where he screamed "pizza" the entire way out of the restaurant(and we weren't in the front). I decided at this point that I was going to go ahead and take him to the doctor just to rule out an ear infection, teething, or the hand, foot, mouth virus since he was acting so unruly and out of character.

We headed home to hang out for a while until the doctors appointment. After about another 20 minute meltdown at home, I convinced him to sit on the couch and watch tv while I went to fold some clothes. I wasn't out of the room 10 minutes and I walked back through to find this.

Now, at first I freaked out and thought he had passed out or something, but after I ran over and saw that he was breathing I couldn't help but grab the camera and just laugh. I'm assuming he just fell asleep as he was getting off of the sofa.

Well, we went to the doctor and I explained what had been going on. The doctor checked him out and his diagnosis was "welcome to the terrible twos". I felt like an idiot but he reassured me that he sees this all of the time, especially from first time parents.

He did pull one on me today, but he will definitely be in school tomorrow. I think that my fun is just beginning!!!!!


monique said...

I can't wait to see that cutie pie tomorrow!!! love, aunt mo

The Crowders said...

Oh Ashley! Bless your heart. I am so glad you documented this because you will treasure that one day. :-)
Make sure you remind me of this when I call during one of AR's meltdowns.
AR and I will definitely come play next Monday!

Tracy said...

Oh! I'm laughing so hard at pic number 2 I'm crying! You are soooo in for it. Time to buy a paddle? LMAO

Nicole said...

I am right there with you!!!!!!!!
Temper tantrums are just a part of life these days..times two! Should be very interesting if we get a chance to get them all together..since they all think everything is "mine"!!